Stage Show

Gail and The Dynamo Dogs are versatile and can take their act “theatre style”. The stage show features disc, agility, and tricks that can be performed in a stage setting.

The Dynamo Dogs Stage Show

The Dynamo Dogs stage show is the perfect dog-themed theatre show for family events and is just as entertaining for adults as it is kids.

In our show, everything from trick dog show routines to Frisbee® dog acrobatics comes together to create a truly one-of-a-kind canine variety show.

The Dynamo Dogs vary in both size and skill, and many have been adopted or rescued. During our show, you’ll see hoop and rolling barrel tricks, fast action disc dog routines, high jump, and much more!

What to expect

Fully insured and licensed by the USDA, Gail and The Dynamo Dogs can perform anywhere.

Our stage shows have been featured at many theatres, festivals, and special events throughout the years.

The show is a 20-30 minute act that features 6-10 dogs. You’ll see high-flying disc dogs and canine tricks including hoop, barrel, and high jump skills.

We also offer a Munchkins of Mayhem show, featuring the Dynamo Dogs “littles”. Full of surprises and laughter, our stage shows are sure to be a hit at your event.

Stage Show Highlights

The Dynamo Dogs have performed their stage show at many theatres, festivals, and special events over the years.  Here are some of our favorite highlights!

Laredo Catching Big Air on Stage

Glamour at the Georgia Ren Faire

Karma and Gail at Princess Theatre

Glamour shows off her barrel trick

Our favorite Dog-Duo

Sassy Soars over the High Jump

The Munchkins of Mayhem

Charlotte at the GA Ren Faire

The Dynamo Dogs Stage Show

Munchkins of Mayhem

The Dynamo Dogs Ren Faire

The Dynamo Dogs Circus Athena