Pool Party Pooches

The Pool Party Pooches is the Dynamo Dogs ground act featuring a portable dog dock and pool. This show combines disc, agility, and tricks with high jumping dock dogs!

The Pool Party Pooches

The Dynamo Dogs ground act is the perfect show for family events: just as entertaining for adults and kids. How could that possibly get any better? By adding a dock and pool for high flying dock dogs!

Pool Party Pooches perform everything from trick dog show routines to agility and dock diving. All these skills come together to create a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

The Dynamo Dogs vary in both size and skill, and many have been adopted or rescued. As part of the ground act, you’ll see hoop and rolling barrel tricks, fast action disc dog routines, high jump, and much more! For dock diving, our canine performers make leaps as far as 20′ for the whole crowd to enjoy!

What to expect

Fully insured and licensed by the USDA, Gail and The Dynamo Dogs can perform anywhere. Pool Party Pooches has been featured at many fairs, festivals, and events throughout the years.

Pool Party Pooches is a 20-30 minute act that features 6-10 dogs. You’ll see high-flying disc, dock diving, and agility dogs as well as canine tricks including hoop, barrel, and high jump skills.

Pool Party Pooches Highlights

The newest act performed by The Dynamo Dogs, Pool Party Pooches is proving to be a fan favorite. Here are some of our favorite highlights!

K8 going the distance

Sassy Soaring over the High Jump

Topper and Whoopsie

Pool Party Pooches Show Setup