Halftime Entertainment

The Dynamo Dogs halftime act features canine performers of all sizes. Our halftime performers are skilled disc and high jump dogs who love a big crowd just as much as they love catching big air!

The Dynamo Dogs Halftime Entertainment

The Dynamo Dogs halftime entertainment is sure to wow any crowd. Our dogs can catch big air on and off the court, performing on multiple surfaces (with the help of canine traction boots).

Our skilled  Frisbee® dog acrobats come together to create a truly one-of-a-kind halftime show. The best part? Our routines can be performed at different lengths, so we can work with your needs to ensure the event runs smoothly.

The Dynamo Dogs vary in both size and skill, and many have been adopted or rescued. During our halftime act, we can perform hoop and rolling barrel tricks, high jump, and of course our fast action disc dog routines!

What to expect

Fully insured and licensed by the USDA, Gail and The Dynamo Dogs can perform at any sporting event.

We have entertained many sports crowds throughout the years, including the Patriots, Giants, Jets, 76ers, Clemson, UGA, and many more!

Our halftime act is tailored to the sports venue needs and can include up to six dogs. You’ll see multiple high-flying disc dogs and high jump skills performed by our talented canines.

Halftime Highlights

The Dynamo Dogs have performed many different sports venues over the years.  Here are just a few of our favorite highlights!

Teaser at the Altoona Curve game

Joker at the Congressional baseball game in Washington, DC

Keeper at PNG Field

Quigley at Nationals Park

Florence Flamingos game

Teaser at PNG Field

William and Mary Football Game

Teaser at Carolina Bank Field

Quigley at DC Nationals Stadium

Teaser at National Stadium

Teaser at a Flying Squirrels game

Mia at the Diamond Stadium

Georgia Bulldogs Halftime

Penn State Halftime

Belmont University Halftime

UGA Halftime 2022