About Us

Since their official start in the Ringling Brothers Circus, The Dynamo Dogs have entertained crowds all over the U.S. with their disc, agility, and trick skills.

As Seen On …

Gail Mirabella and The Dynamo Dogs

The Dynamo Dogs are veteran performing dogs that demonstrate everything from trick dog show routines to Frisbee® dog acrobatics. They’ve performed all over the country with their entertaining dog variety act. 

Gail officially started The Dynamo Dogs in 2006 when she and her high flying Frisbee dogs were the featured dog act on “The Greatest Show on Earth,” Ringling Bros. Circus. They wowed crowds across the country for four years and were voted by their fellow performers the “2008 Best Animal Act”. 

They’ve also toured with Cirquesa, a theatrical circus in the state of Florida, and were the featured act for a month at the Medora Musical in Medora, ND.

A One-of-a-Kind Experience

Through a unique combination of Gail’s circus and competitive disc dog experience, she has built a truly one-of-a-kind canine variety show featuring her outstanding dogs.

The Dynamo Dogs vary in both size and skill, and many have been adopted or rescued. Together, they perform a show that includes acrobatic freestyle routines, hoop and rolling barrel tricks, fast action disc dog routines, high jump, and even dock diving – often leaping over 20’ into a pool!

The Dynamo Dogs “littles” (small dogs) perform circus style tricks in a show Gail calls “The Munchkins of Mayhem”. The munchkins display incredible vertical jumping abilities and hoop tricks, and a fan favorite: the “wheel of steel”!

Making an Impact

Gail and The Dynamo Dogs have performed at multiple venues since 1997 – including sporting events, fairs and festivals, corporate events, ground breaking ceremonies, stage shows, circuses, and many more!

Through performances with her canine team, Gail not only entertains but also shows audiences what a happy and healthy relationship with a dog looks like. Gail supports the belief that with a little time, patience and positive training, anyone can create a special bond with their dog.

About Gail 

Gail swears that “Doggie” was her first word, and has been training dogs since the age of 10 when she competed in her first kids dog show.  She received a B.S. degree in Animal Science in 1991 from Delaware Valley University and started actively competing in K9 disc competitions across the United States. As a dog lover and trainer, she travels across the country sharing her expertise and entertaining crowds of all ages.

Gail started competing in canine flying disc competitions in 1996. In 1997, she began putting on Frisbee® Dog shows with her first dog Austin, shortly after they qualified for the Alpo Canine Disc World Championship (1997, ’99 & 2000) and the Purina Incredible Dog Chow Nationals. 

She is the first and only woman from the Northeast that has ever won a regional event or qualified at either the Alpo Canine Disc World Championship or the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge Nationals. In 1999 and 2000, Gail was the only competitor in the United States to qualify for both the Alpo Canine Disc World Championship and the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge Nationals. In 2001 her peers voted her “Best Female Player of the Year.” 

Turning Passion into a Career

Gail was a member of the Purina Incredible Dog Team from 2000-2005 and is currently one of the elite members of the Purina ProPlan Performance Team.

Since leaving her job in pharmaceuticals to join the Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey Circus in 2006, she has been touring the U.S. performing shows at a variety of venues and participating in advertising campaigns for various companies. 

Gail is currently writing a novel about her circus adventures. She also frequently judges frisbee competitions and hosts disc seminars at her facility in South Carolina. 

Unforgettable Events

The Dynamo Dogs have performed at many events and participated in multiple advertising campaigns since we started in 2006, here are some of our favorite highlights!

The Dynamo Dogs on the Bachelor

Cricket in Vogue

Joker at the Congressional Game

Charlotte at GA Ren Faire

Cricket in Vogue

Teaser and Charlotte on set

Glamour at GA Ren Faire

Quigley and Gail at Nationals Park

Mia at Moody Air Force Base

The Dynamo Dogs at Cirquesa

The Dynamo Dogs Stunt Promo

The Dynamo Dogs Agility Promo