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“Gone but not Forgotten”

Awesome Air Austin, was my first Australian Shepherd. He was a 3 time Frisbee Dog World Finalist, and my soul mate of almost 13yrs. The little red merle dog that started my life, my career, my world…I miss him every day …his legacy lives on with Houston, Dallas, Seven, Laredo and Glamour

Bouncin’ Brooklyn, was an incredible little Australian Shepherd rescued at 6 months from Aussie Rescue in Connecticut. Brooklyn specialized in jump rope tricks in addition to high flying disc-catching acrobatics.  She is one of the featured Dynamo Dogs in the training video, “Bring Out the Shine in Your Canine!”

High Flying Houston:  He loved to bark while catching discs, just to let everyone know he was still a star! He was also the featured dog on Purina’s Dog Chow dog food bags for nearly 3yrs.

Jumping Jet, had striking blue eyes, and a beautiful blue merle coat to match. He’s speed and accuracy to catch a Frisbee was amazing. His work ethic was well appreciated throughout many shows, including “The Greatest Show on Earth”!

Happy Chaps, was adopted from Pennsylvania at only a year old. He was a half-brother to Jet and portrayed many of the same amazing qualities. He was known for his quick agile disposition that allows him to catch almost every throw. His specialty included snagging a disc before hitting the pool at over 23’ during the dock diving performances.


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