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Foxy Roxy, a Chihuahua mix rescued from Kathi’s K9s Dog Rescue & Adoptions, Brooksville, FL. Roxy’s unique jumping style and eagerness to perform is a perfect addition to the Munchkins of Mayhem act!

Crazy Cricket (Semi-Retired), a tiny terrier mix weighing in at only eight pounds, was once the smallest Frisbee® catching dog in the country.  She enjoyed all canine sports and was titled in both Flyball and Dock Diving.  Due to a genetic disease she went blind at the age of 7, but she still loves to make appearances and sign paw-ta-graphs!

Kharma is a sweet little Mini-Aussie that was adopted from a family in CT. She performs with 3-4 tiny terriers as "the Munchkins of Mayhem". During the act she goes under jumps and hoops instead of over and through them, and she's a major part of the "Wheel of Destiny" portion of the act!

Grommit by far the oddest looking member of the team, he is a Chinese Crested Powder Puff and was adopted out of Missouri in Oct of 2016. He’s funny personality and looks make him one of the crowd favorites!