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Zig Zag Tag, the smooth coat Border Collie, who was adopted from Sweet Border Collie Rescue in New York, he is an incredible leaper and can clear over 48 inches during the high jump!

Gr8 K8 (Great Kate), Also adopted from Sweet Border Collie Rescue, is a Great addition to the team and is living up to her name. She’s the most agile Dynamo Dog, light on her feet while she streaks down the field catching a disc thrown over 50 yards. She is also jumps over 23’ into a pool while chasing a tennis ball.

Teaser “The Crowd Pleaser”, the son of Topper (Border Collie/Rat Terrier mix), possesses great speed and accuracy when snatching a disc out of the air. His drive and focus Amazes all audiences! He’s certainly the star of many of our shows!

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