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Gail’s troop of Dynamo Dogs includes three tenacious Rat Terriers and a Rat Terrier/Border Collie mix.

Topper “The Show Stopper” races at top speed and exhibits so much enthusiasm when chasing down a disc, his excitement is heard throughout any event thanks to his high pitch screams! When dock diving, Topper can cover over 15 feet before splashing into the pool!

Charlotte, adopted from Ratbone rescue in Florida, exhibits incredible vertical leaps, and crowds are WOW’d by her ability to jump through a series of hoop tricks including a hoop no larger than a Frisbee!

Hyper Pyper, rolls her way into the show by balancing on a barrel and also jumps through hoops!

Keeper, the son of Topper & Pyper, already loving the game of Frisbee, rolling on barrels and jumping over jumps and through hoops!!

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