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"The main stars of The Dynamo Dogs are made up of a wide variety of talented canines!"

Teaser “The Crowd Pleaser”, the son of Topper (Border Collie/Rat Terrier mix), possesses great speed and accuracy when snatching a disc out of the air. His drive and focus Amazes all audiences! He’s certainly the star of many of our shows!

Joker, appropriately named, is the clown of the clan… He is a stunning Standard Poodle and is a world class high jumper that has cleared over 56’’! His unusual looks and drive for the disc amuses everyone.

Gr8 K8 adopted from Sweet Border Collie Rescue in NY is amazing at catching a frisbee in any direction. But her claim to fame is the ability to tap the frisbees back to me in a series of throws and her finale trick is to leap off the pedestal while taking the frisbee out of the air!

Glamour is proof that an old dog can learn new tricks, adopted at the age of 3 she has become one of the main Stars of the show. Pushing barrels and jumping through hoops, she's a crowds favorite and loves to spend time on the sidelines visiting the children.

Seeker is the first Foster Failure on the team! Fostered for Australian Shepherds Furever but was so crazy to chase anything that moved that we figured he'd be best suited for a job of chasing and catching Frisbees!

Prada a beautiful Red Doberman is always up for a game Frisbee and is learning to jump rope. She’s also going to give Joker a hand paw at performing the High Jump portion of the show!

Quigley a rare breed of herding dog, he's a German Coolie, and shows off his many talents and skills while jumping through hoops and saluting our troops!

Keeper The Rat Terrier with a tail, took 5 yrs of training before he became one of the Shining Stars of the show. He's a jack of all trades, Frisbee, Hoop jumping and overall tricks and master of jumping through the hoop of fire (fake of course) With his enthusiasm to perform he's also the comedy part of the "Munckins of Mayhem"!

Charlotte still performing at the age of 13, adopted from Rat Bone Rescue in Miami, FL. loves to jump over Glamour and through hoops and is also a member of the the "Munchkins of Mayhem"

Foxy Roxy a Chihuahua mix rescued from Kathi's K9s Dog Rescue & Adoptions out of Florida is part of the "Munchkins of Mayhem" She's the official ladder climber and wheel walker. Everyone loves it when she leaves the stage to visit the audience!

Kharma the mini-aussie adopted out of Connecticut. She is no doubt the clown of the "Munchkins of Mayhem", going under jumps and under hoops instead of over and through them. She is the second half of the wheel walker and barrel props as well!

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