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Rising Stars

Tripper is the most unique member of the team. Originally from L.A. California, he was found hit by a car, resulting in the loss of his left hind leg. Rescue group "Dawg-Squad", saved him and adopted him out to us. He doesn't realize he's only has 3 legs, as he chases balls and jumps through hoops. He is also The Dynamo Dogs' Most Valuable Meet and Greeter!

Grommit is the smallest of the crew. He is a Chinese Crested Powder Puff and was adopted out of Missouri. His funny personality and antics makes him one of the crowds favorites!

Spring one of the most beautiful Border Collies out there, with stunning blue eyes. She is incredibly smart and agile and is working on becoming an Agility super star!

Jester’s, Jokers "look-alike" and understudy. He loves to jump and catch Frisbees just like Joker. Originally Jester was in a training program to become a service dog, but had too much play drive, at which time he became available and joined us, The Dynamo Dogs! 

Jada is a Parti-Poodle, which makes her stand out from the others. She loves to steal toys and other items and will become one of the mischievous members of the team in the near future. She is also one of the Meet and Greet dogs after the shows!

Mia was adopted from Australian Shepherds Forever, was originally found in Tennessee as a six week old stray. She shows incredible toy drive and loves to give kisses to everyone she sees. We are so excited to see where her talents will take her as the Newest member of The Dynamo Dogs!

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