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Accomplishments within competitive canine flying disc world

Gail with Awesome Austin (1992-2004), Houston, and Jet:

Many of The Dynamo Dogs have been rescued or adopted!

Check out the team pages to learn more about each Dynamo Dog.  Remember you can find great dogs, both purebred and mixed breeds, available for adoption through local rescue groups, animal rescue organizations or even online with sites like

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The Dynamo Dogs!

Gail Mirabella started The Dynamo Dogs in 2006 when she and her high flying Frisbee dogs were the featured dog act on “The Greatest Show on Earth,” Ringling Bros. Circus, for four years. She swears that “Doggie” was her first words, and has been training dogs since the age of 10 when she competed in her first kids dog show.  She received a B.S. degree in Animal Science in 1991 from Delaware Valley University and started actively competing in K9 disc competitions across the United States and performing her Canine shows since 1997. As a dog lover and trainer for more than one canine sport, she travels across the country sharing her expertise and entertaining crowds of all ages.


Gail has been performing Frisbee® Dogs shows since 1997 with her first dog Austin, shortly after they qualified for the Alpo Canine Disc World Championship (1997, ’99 & 2000) and the Purina Incredible Dog Chow Nationals.  In 1999 and 2000, she was the only competitor in the United States to qualify for both the Alpo Canine Disc World Championship and the Purina Incredible Dog Chow Nationals.  Her peers voted her “2001 Best Female Player of the Year”, and Gail was also a member of the Purina Incredible Dog Team from 2000-2005 and is currently one of the elite members of the Purina ProPlan Performance Team (2015-present)


Gail & The Dynamo Dogs’ greatest accomplishment was the 4 year (two tours) of performances for Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey Circus (2/2006-11/2009). They wowed the crowds across the Country and was voted by the fellow performers the "2008 Best Animal Act" award.  They also toured with Cirquesa, a theatrical circus (Jan-March 2010) in the state of Florida and was the featured act for a month at the Medora Musical in Medora, ND (June 2010).


Many of The Dynamo Dogs have been adopted or rescued.  Gail’s entourage includes the unique combination of a father & son duo that performs acrobatic, freestyle routines. The father, Topper the Show Stopper, is one of the world’s smallest Frisbee catching dog.  His son, Teaser the Crowd Pleaser, is right on his way to following in his father’s paw prints, his aerial acrobatics amazes everyone!


Glamour, an Australian Shepherd, was adopted out of GA, and performs Hoop and rolling barrel tricks while her two Border Collies; K8 and Seeker, both adopted, are known for their quick and agile disposition that allows them to catch almost every Frisbee thrown. They both are great Dock Diving Dogs too, leaping over 20’ into a pool.


The Dynamo Dogs consists of many “littles”, small dogs, that perform circus style tricks and what Gail calls “The Munchkins of Mayhem”

The munchkins are made of three tenacious Rat Terriers; Charlotte, rescued out of Florida, displays incredible vertical jumping abilities and hoop tricks while the smallest of her team, Grommit, can walk on barrels and Keeper who is now displaying some comical antics performs his many styles of hoop tricks.  Kharma a tiny mini Aussie, was adopted from CT is a main component of walking on the “wheel of steel”! Roxy, a Chihuahua mix, was also adopted out of Florida, rounds out the Munchkins with her hind leg hops through hoops and over jumps and climbing ladders.


Her pack comes complete with two large dogs, a Standard Poodles, Joker & Jester and a Doberman named, Prada. They astound audiences with their amazing Frisbee tricks and high jump performances, clearing over 52”!


Most recently adopted is a terrier mix from L.A. California that is a very special boy, he is a tripod that is called Tripper. He’s the perfect addition to the team and is the certified Meet and Greet Dog!


Through their performances, Gail not only entertains but also showcases to the audiences the happy and healthy relationship she has with each and every one of her dogs.  Gail supports the belief that with a little time, patience and positive training anyone can create a special bond with their dog.

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